Case Study of an Internet Saathi

AGE: 26 Years
Family Members: 5 nos. (Parents, Husband and a 5yrs old Kid)
Location: Vill- Sothamow; Block: Barigog Banbhag, Dist: Nalbari, Assam

Impact: They were highly benefitted in many sides and can stay updated with the modern world.
Challenges faced: She had to face many hurdles while making the illiterate people learn about internet as well as Smartphone. People of rural areas were totally unaware of this kind of Gadgets and thinks that this kind of stuff won’t help them in any way.

A 26 year old lady namely Mrs. Dalimi Das resides in a village named Sothamow, which comes under the Barigog Banbhag Block of Nalbari District, Assam. It’s almost 20kms away from Nalbari town. Her family comprises of 5 members i.e. Parents, herself, her Husband and a lovely 5 years kid. Her main source of income is through weaving and giving tuitions to nearby children’s. She is also a literate human being as she had studied upto intermediate level. She had to struggle a lot in maintaining her family. Seeing the hurdles of the family her husband went to work outside in a company. On the other hand, she use to give tuitions and weaves the regular usage clothes like Mekhela Sador, Gamusa etc., even she was also Secretary of Self Help Groups of her village. Later, she also engaged herself in Documentation process of VO’s of the comprising villages. In the mean time, she met Mr. Pankaj Sharma a GVM volunteer and he offered her to work with GVM. Eventually, she joined GVM as a Volunteer and started working for the Internet Sathi Project. Still she has been working for the same. Later on she was also been duly engaged to MKSP Project as a Community Resource Person. Now she has simultaneously been working for Internet Sathi as well for MKSP project too. Till date she has been looking after 3nos. of villages namely Baghmara, Sothamow and Akna which comes under Internet Sathi project.

She signified that she had learnt a lot and benefitted from this Internet Sathi project. She had come know how to use a Smartphone and how to surf the Internet and usage of Google as well as YouTube. She also mentioned that she had never ever thought of handling a Smartphone, but this project made her dreams come true. Beside this she had taught 500 women’s about how to handle a Smartphone, how to surf the internet and how to search things at Google and watch videos at YouTube. She taught all the basic and fundamental things. The benefits she got from Internet Sathi can be signified below:-

  • E-Commerce: For online shopping and viewing necessary requirements.
  • Vermin-Compost through YouTube.
  • Line transplantation
  • SHG rules and Regulations
  • Online communications etc.
  • For seeing exam results.
Some benefits in her income are mentioned below:-
  • Economical Support: It helped her a lot in her income too. She could view all the mandatory designs required in her weaving process and could compose vermin compost on her own.
  • Voice Search: This feature had helped her a lot to those who don’t know how to read or write.

Nowadays, she has become a self-dependent human because of Internet Sathi project. Even her income has risen then before. And now she seems to be very happy in her present life. She has also been motivated and seems to look for a bright future.