Case Study on a Peer Educator

CASE STUDY – (Peer Educator)- Sima Kumar was identified as peer educator from Balisatra Learning Centre where she has been seen to be active in participating in various activities. A workshop happened to take place at Bhopal conducted by the Azim Premji Foundation where the workshop was named as “Bund Bund Samandar/ The Drop and The Ocean”. The workshop was for Empowering Adolescent Girls Peer Leaders Workshop.

Sima Kumar, peer educator was selected to attend the workshop from Kamrup Rural District, along with the other peer educator from Baksa, Barpeta and Nalbari District. Since Sima has completed her graduation in the year 2023 from Manabendra Sarma Girl’s College. She than decided to not continue her studies and engaged herself in activities she is interested like tailoring .It’s been a year she is in with the learning centre where many a times she guides the adolescents in tailoring , teaches various craft works as such. She even have taken session with the adolescents on menstruation hygiene management as such . She being the eldest children of the family she does take tuition where she also earns and add to the family expenses . When told about the workshop that for which needs to visit Bhopal , all she was concerns whether will she be able to since she has never travel before . But things turned out to be different when she herself willingly informed to our field volunteer that she is interested. The workshop was for about a week where peer leaders from various states came to the workshop . Later after coming back from the workshop , she shared that she felt grateful that she was selected and became part of the workshop as she learned many things starting from travelling alone with having none of her family members even though she was assist by the volunteer along with the peer educators from other district accompanied her. She has experience something which she was worth coming for and will try to share the experience to the other adolescents and give them the confidence they need . Various activities were taught to them by the mentor where the peer leaders can implement the same in the field. The focus of the whole workshop was that since not all adolescent can visit Bhopal and attend the workshop so the peer educator is denoted as “ The Drop” and “The Ocean” represent that the learning and experience gained in the workshop by the peer leader will helped the adolescents to gained the same through them.

After coming back from Bhopal workshop she has taken sessions with the adolescent in the learning centre where she have shared her experience with them and also have taught them with many activities learned in the workshop . She also have recently taken session with the adolescent at the Lormagourhati learning centre in the Kamrup district itself . Overall, she have interacted with almost around 40 adolescents so far. Feedback taken from the session is found to be positive since the activities conducted by the peer leaders with the adolescents made them felt inclusive, where the activities needed cooperation among the adolescents . The adolescent found activities fun and would loved to do In their free time and also they showed willingness to teach their friends as well .