Mahila Kishan Shashaktikaran Prakalpo

About Projects

GVM is working in livelihood sector in three districts (Nalbari, Baksa and Kamrup) of Assam since 2010 through various agriculture based livelihood programmes. The project MKSP is a major component under such livelihood programmes. The project has been started from March, 2014. It aims to create a sustainable Agriculture based Livelihood for 4000 women along with year lasting food security by making systematic investments for their participation in productivity. For this, we are promoting a strong organization in each village of project area through various institution building and agriculture based livelihood activities. Under livelihood activities, we are promoting SRI of paddy, Vermin composting, livestock rearing, Fish farming. Presently, out of 37 village organizations (V.O), more than 300 mahila kisans (SHG members) of 20 V.Os are strongly involved in various livelihood activities and has improved their yearly earning. Out of those, we are going to present two best practices of livelihood activities from our field.